Individual player skills developed at specific age groups detailed below.

Emphasis in these grades should be on having fun and enjoyment whilst at the same time learning about the game and improving their skills. Winning games of football does not matter, If the children are making progress in the areas below – this is success!

Basic Objectives
♦ Players to have a basic understanding of the rules.
♦ Complete a basic introduction to catching, passing and carrying technique as well as basic agility balance & coordination skills
♦ Having a correct play-the-ball technique
♦ Introduction to correct tackling technique – Tackle safe/ tackle ready programme (NRL)
♦ Understand the direction of the defensive line (initially moving up)

Progressive Goals
♦ Progress from basic pass/carry technique to catch/pass, running onto ball
♦ Understanding the roles of dummy half and first receiver
♦ Progression of tackling technique through these grades, front on/side on

Emphasis is still on fun and enjoyment whilst advancing their skills of the game. Players however need to be ready for the next stage. Winning games is of no importance.

Basic Objectives
♦ All players should have knowledge of rules
♦ Players should show progression of basic skills learned at 6s-8s.
♦ Basic understanding of player positions
♦ Introduction to basic kicking technique
♦ Basic introduction of defensive roles

Progressive Goals
♦ Introduction to Go forward
♦ Introduction to support players
♦ Progression of kicking technique
♦ Progression of defensive roles
♦ Basic introduction of Draw and Pass, 2 v 1

Emphasis on enjoyment and being fully prepared for International rules.

Basic Objectives
♦ Players should have a thorough understanding of rules
♦ A continued progression of catch/pass/carry
♦ Progression of Draw and Pass, 2 v 1
♦ Progression of Go forward and support
♦ Continued progression of defensive roles
♦ Introduction to kick and chase

Progressive Goals
♦ Introduction of skill games showing importance of fitness
♦ Progression of Draw and Pass, 2 v1, 3 v 2
♦ Introduction on line running
♦ Progression of tackle technique
♦ Introduction of backline formation

Emphasis on fun and enjoyment while fine-tuning the basic skills. Sportsmanship also needs to be shown at all times.

Basic Objectives
♦ Introduction to Ruck plays
♦ Progression of backline formation
♦ Continued progression of Draw and Pass 3 v2, 3 v 3
♦ Continued progression of line running and support play
♦ Introduction of footwork and evasion
♦ Introduce defensive teams left/right/ruck
♦ Introduce double marker defence
♦ Continued Scrum technique

Progressive Goals
♦ Introduce importance of slowing PTB down when in defence
♦ Introduce importance of quick PTB when in attack
♦ Introduction to body weight exercises, technique only
♦ Progression on importance of fitness
♦ Introduction of nutrition and its importance in exercise

Emphasis on sportsmanship and greater detail in major skill areas

Basic Objectives
♦ Continued progression on importance of fitness
♦ Progression of nutrition
♦ Progression of shape and ruck plays
♦ Introduction to short side plays
♦ Progression of play-the-ball speed when in attack
♦ Progression of slowing the play-the-ball when in defence
♦ Greater detail on catch/pass, draw/pass
♦ Greater detail on defensive roles – teams, kick chase, trail, slide etc.
♦ Introduction to weight training – Light &Technique only
♦ Introduction on importance of extra training (Culture)
♦ Introduction of game plans

Progressive Goals
♦ Introduction Leadership roles
♦ Introduction of Goal setting
♦ Introduction to life values and importance of teamwork



After the tackle is completed, a play the ball is performed by the tackled player. One of the most common aspects of the game and often one done incorrectly, is pays to learn this skill correctly.


Clinics are held throughout the year to assist players develop their skills and make friends. All upcoming clinics are listed below.