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Brothers Leagues Club, Cairns is dedicated firstly to the promotion and development of sport, and secondly to a strategy of growing community value. The club has a clear commitment to the communities we live and work in, and concentrates its support in three core areas:

  1. Sporting Organisations
  2. Community (including Education)
  3. Charities

In selecting community projects the club looks for organisations that target issues affecting the welfare or the health of our local population, in order to encourage a healthier lifestyle for all demographics within our community.

Brothers makes financial contributions by giving money in response to local appeals, supporting national community service events, contributing to the fundraising efforts of our local schools, and by encouraging our members and staff to give their time by providing specialist skills, management advice and assistance with events and programs. The club also has a range of resources that are given in kind, including the use of our facilities, food & beverage vouchers, ticketing, publicity and the fundraising and organisational talents of our staff.


Organisations and charities seeking support from Brothers Leagues Club are asked to complete the application form linked below.

Once completed please send your application to either:

ADDRESS: PO Box 425, Manunda QLD 4870

EMAIL: admin@brotherscairns.com.au.

One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Supporting the Local Community

We strive to support our community in any way we can. In recent years, we have invested in almost 300 community sports development projects to promote active healthy living in our region and nurture our community.

Our History

Brothers have a deep-rooted history in the Far North Queensland community. Our members can be truly proud of the club’s past and look forward to exciting times in the future!

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