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Our History in Your Hands

We are proud to announce the release of 'Earning Our Stripes', the 90 year history of our great club. This entertaining read celebrates the highs and lows of the moments that shaped one of the far norths favourite clubs whilst earning its stripes both on and off the field.

Since 1926 there have been many characters who helped shape the Brothers football and social clubs, you will find them all within these pages. 

Brothers Rugby League Club Group Executive Manager John McCallum has this to add "It contains a few secrets that current members did not know, for example the first Brothers players took to the field in green and gold before adopting the much-loved blue and white butcher's stripes" he said.

"There is plenty of on-field action as players and coaches recall premiership wins and losses, 'Mad Monday' capers, and some rather dubious outfits for themed social occasions," he said.

"These stories are brought to life by Cairns media consultant Liz Inglis and illustrated by local artist Caroline Mudge. Their work is based on years of research by Cairns Brothers historian Col Gordon who was concerned that the club's records were slowly disappearing."

Earning Our Stripes is for sale for $50 and is available at Brothers World of Entertainment. Grab your copy today!

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